We need to talk about cybersecurity in hybrid IT

It is imperative to take the required measures and have the appropriate protections in any hybrid work environment due to the rise in the usage of personal devices for work, network access through insecure connections, and targeted phishing efforts. The danger of a breach will grow with the adoption of a hybrid working model, even with appropriate cybersecurity safeguards for remote workers in place.

Mr. Chito Jacinto, Vice President of ISOG and Board Member of ISACA Manila, gave some of his insights on growing cybersecurity in a hybrid environment. In our interview, he used the banking industry as an example of how organisational structures and accountability must adapt in order to scale up cybersecurity. As the most highly regulated business in the world, rising regulatory fragmentation can be seen not just from banking regulators but also from overall governmental authorities, making these institutions more exposed to cyber attacks. Mr. Jacinto advised that instead of a fragmented approach by concerned or operational units, a unified organisational or bank-wide strategy in response to cybersecurity-related requirements is required.

According to him, a hybrid workplace poses hazards since present IT infrastructures were not built to meet the demands of a hybrid workplace, let alone a totally remote operation. This creates a situation in which multiple users, including both hardware and software security technologies, are not under the authority of the organisation’s network.

Mr. Chito Jacinto will facilitate an EDXchange session at the DX Leaders Strategy Forum Philippines on August 24-25, 2022. To join his roundtable, invitations are requested at Request Invitation – DX – Philippines 2022 (edxevents.com) (https://philippines2022.edxevents.com/request-invitation/).

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